Thursday, 1 June 2017

Term 2 Week 2

Parent information evenings - cooking up a storm.

We have had two parent information evenings this week. The first one was about was about our school camps that are coming up in term 4 and the second was was around our play-based learning programme that we run in our year 0-2 learning hub.

Whilst the camp info evening was largely about the details the conversation drifted into the classroom pedagogy that we have in our two year 6-8 team taught classrooms. The conversation started because the camps that we are attending are catered so the children don't get to prepare food like they would have when their parents went to camp.

This was the perfect opportunity for our teachers to talk about the wonderful learning that they are doing in their classrooms with their Pop-Up Kitchen. Thanks to School Kit.

The passion that the teachers had when they spoke about this learning was incredible and equally awesome was the stories that the parents started sharing about how their children were asking to cook dinner and that they were now eating vegetables. Matt and Emma showed the parents via GoogleSlides the work that had been going on behind the cooking. Children were researching the origins of the spices that they were cooking with, the nutritional information, and they were investigating ways in which to modify the recipes. For example, how to make Satay for someone with a peanut allergy. Alongside all this comes the authentic and hands on maths, the reading of the recipe correctly, the ranking of the foods, the importance of presentation, and of course the cooking. A meeting that had the potential to be a boring transactional information passing meeting (that in all honesty could have been an email) came to life.

The learning through play info evening was also a huge success.  Again I was extremely proud of our teachers who a truly passionate about the job that they do and the children that they work with. During our debrief we spoke about how we need to hold these kinds of evenings more often. Although they are time consuming and that they take valuable time away from our lovely families we couldnt help but notice how much time that they save. By this, I mean that our whanau can see that our practise is extremely well thought out and considered. That we are not teaching on a whim, and that everything that we do is in order to benefit our children's learning. By investing in this time our whanau begin to see that we are teaching and learning experts and, as a result, they trust us with their most precious taonga.

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